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The BioDesert project is structured in Work Packages (WPs), each with their own budget and described below.

WP1: General objective of this WP is the management of the consortium to ensure that the project objectives are achieved with the correct timing and the estimated resources, and the results are optimally exploited. The specific objectives of this work package are: (i) to provide the overall administrative, financial and legal management of the project and (ii) to co-ordinate the technical works of the participants so as to reach the project objectives.

WP2: General objective of this WP is the recruitment of experienced research fellows and the acquisition of new equipments. The specific objectives of this work package are: (i) to recruit three post-doctoral fellows with extensive experience in molecular microbial ecology of extremophiles and agriculturally-relevant microorganisms and (ii) to acquire five novel equipments: a Real Time-PCR, a Phenotype array system, a DNA microarray system, an Image analyzer and a Plant growth chamber.

WP3: The general objective of this WP is the training of members of the Partner 2 team by further twinning and personnel exchanges with Partners 1 and 3. With this WP the scientific networking among the three partners of the project and the general exchange of scientific knowledge and experience will be further developed and exploited.

WP4: Within the activities of this work package, BIODESERT will be able to transfer, disperse, and facilitate the knowledge and technical advantages that the Partner 2 research team will acquire from WP2 and WP3, to researchers, SMEs, and the public at regional, national and international level. Activities in this WP4 will include the following (all activities are planned to be performed in Tunisia).